Friday, June 23, 2017


We saw the movie WISHIN AND HOPIN yesterday.  It was pretty good.

It was written by Wally Lamb.  I have read two, maybe three books by Wally Lamb and he has the ability of making ordinary people's lives interesting and funny.

He also has a thing about twin boys. In one book the protagonist  had a insane twin and in this movie there were twin students in the class that lived on a farm, but not so much in-your-face types.

I would have probably liked WISHIN AND HOPIN more  if in some cases it seemed to be copying Jean Sheperd's CHRISTMAS  STORY.

I liked it because it took me back.  I almost had the chilling feeling that Wally Lamb has been getting ideas from this blog Chicken-fat:

I had a similar incident that happened in the movie that the teacher took up a poo-poo (or Whoopie) cushion that the boys were having fun with, and then slipping it out of Mr. Cox's office; student demanding being the center of attention; hanging around the Bus Station's cafe;  causing a bat to get loose in school which cause the Nun-teacher to have a nervous breakdown; butting heads with the class's top brown-noser;  having to write on the blackboard the offense I vowed not to do a number of times;  and others that all blend in now, but they sparked me into remembering the moment I saw them and forgot them just as quickly.

We saw it on a pay-per-movie channel.  Good movie!  We got our money's worth.


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