Tuesday, June 06, 2017


Apparently on a walk with Willow recently she hypnotized me and commanded that I take off my clothes and jump into a bed of poison ivy and wallow.
For the past few days each day a new crop of itchy bumps would pop up.  Yesterday it there were so many little bumps craving to be scratched that it was a discomfort to even move.
I'm not sure, but it appeared that Willow was holding her mouth twisted, like she was biting her tongue to keep from giggling.
Anna googled my symptoms and we discovered it is not the shingles.  The shingles only do one side of your body, not both sides.  We learn something new every day.
By what we found, it is something I picked up by direct contact then it spread.
What if I shook hands with customer-friendly manager of the new barbecue restaurant I went to and later he shook other hands and patted employees on the back telling them what a good job they were doing?    They are in luck, I didn't shake the managers hand.

This morning we will try to get a doctor's appointment.


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