Sunday, June 18, 2017


We all know Robert Crumb.  We know he is the one that came out with the cartoon of a guy taking  big steps, I mean giant steps, and above his head ae the words
Which is a widely known cartoon, it has been reprinted many times.  The last I heard he has not received the first dime of royalties on it.
He also was at one time the assistant at the magazine HELP!  He was to send me a check for two cartoons by me that the editor Harvey Kurtzman accepted.  But he didn't.  It wasn't his fault HELP folded before he could.  True.
The last I heard Robert Crumb and his wife are living in the country in France.  About a year or so ago the Tuba Skinny Band paid him a surprised visit and he pulled out his banjo and they jammed.  Another true story.

Robert Crumb is also a social and trends critic, which brings up today 's Sunday Funnies:  METRO. 

click on picture to enlarge it and understandable.  It is the same spot on earth that has been photographed through the years and of course the photos are arranged in sequence, which tells a story without words.



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