Saturday, June 17, 2017

The OLD MILL ROAD BAND of Cartersville, at Red Top, July 2016

I am still trying to catch up with my videos I made that I did not get to put on Facebook  because of technical problems or technical dumbness or a combination of the two.

This is the Old Mill Road Band out of Cartersville, Georgia.  It was recorded at Red Top Mountain Bluegrass series July last year.
I think the band members consist of more than one school teacher.  Don't let that ruff and tuff around the edges of their overalls fool you.  They have a way with words, witty double entree meanings.... I got confused just listening to them.

They not only played bluegrass but also time-proven popular music, and some they themselves originated.  Googling the name of the band the only human name I found was Brad Payne, who apparently  wrote some of their music.


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