Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sprayberry Crossing Is Ran Down

There is a large shopping center one block from Sprayberry High School in Marietta  in terrible shape.

The rentals have dwindled as the shopping center determinates, which cause less rental and with less money the pavement and the upkeep of the buildings are unkempt.
A certain corporation would love to get their hands on it, bulldozed it off the map and build a new sparkling shopping area.  If I understand it correctly,  they cannot because they move the bodies to a nearby cemetery.  But to do that they have to get the descendants approval (and signature).  One descendant is holding out.

The shopping center has five or six free standing buildings:  One closed bowling alley, a music lessons place, a used record, store, three, maybe four small store front churches, one family cemetery, a thrift store, and donation center for the thrift store,  a laundry(which looked opened, clothes were hanging), maybe an ethnic beauty shop, and maybe a barber shop.  I think the only thing the place shopping center needs is a used comic-book shop.
Willow and I walked around it one morning not long ago and it reminded me of a ghost town. 

I expected to see graffiti and some gang-like evidence, or maybe even a body stuffed in a garbage can, but I didn't.


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