Friday, June 16, 2017

How's Your Chicken-fat Hanging?

A Chicken-fat blog reader in Victoria, Canada wrote and asked me why did I named  Chicken-fat " Chicken-fat"?
I responded that I named it in honor or in the memory of the late Will "Chicken-fat" Elder.  A person I admire.

Will was one of the original four artists for MAD comicbook.  He was a genius for putting little absurd details in the background that had nothing to do with the plot of the story, but they didn't hurt it either.

Will called these little bits of humor "chicken-fat" because, of course, the fat is bad for you, but it is tasty too.

I used for example the lampoon in MAD of MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN named MANDUCK THE MAGICIAN.  See below.

On the second page see the middle two panels.  While Manduck and Luther put on a little show to draw a crowd to see their snake-oil, in the crowd is a pickpocketer with his hand in a man's hip pocket.  The next picture shows the victim falling and the dumbfounded pickpocketer holding a prosthesis leg.

click on picture to  enlarge to make sense of it.

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