Saturday, June 10, 2017

Me Playing the Guitar

This is the Australian Bakery on the Marietta Square on August 13, 2013.  It is a typical bluegrass jam session  of every Tuesday evening in and out the of the Australian Bakery.
Well, it is typical with one exception:  I'm in with the bluegrass jamming.  Or that is the way it appears, anyway.
Actually, I was there taking pictures.  Dickson Lester, lead man of Mars Hill Porch Pickers saw me and suggested that I stand there with the crowd of jammers and pretend to pick and strum his guitar and he would take my camera and take pictures, so we traded positions.*
He is in the last couple of scenes, tallish guy with a big hat on and wearing shorts.  If you know guitars well you might recognize his guitar as the one I just used.

*It was wise of Dickson Lester to be taking pictures with MY camera while I was strumming HIS guitar.  He knew I would not take off running.


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