Thursday, August 25, 2011

Why I Don't Forward Much Stuff To My Friends

Often people forward to each other inspiring or funny messages, worth sharing with people you care about. Usually at the end of the forwarded message it will say please send this to a number of people you care about, usually 5 or 10, and sometimes it says and send back to “me”.

BULLSHIT!! Chances are you are hurting the people’s computers that you are forwarding these things to. If you care about your friends don’t mess up their computer.

I read that some people make a good living cooking up these inspirational messages to throw into the forwarding system.

They figure if you send it to 10 people and they send it to 10 people each they will soon have a huge network of spyware sending vital information to an agent who knows what your interests are and can sell your name to interested markets.

And the part of a forwarding that says please send this back to “me” is just a ploy contrived to give you a guilt trip if you don’t obey.

Each time a spyware is secretly put on your computer by these inspirational forwarding not only does it invade your privacy but it also slows up your computer a bit. After receiving a bunch your computer becomes sluggish and can hardly process information. When you get a bunch like that you need to run a virus cleaning program to delete them.

So, if you send it to a friend you might not be doing him any favors. It seems you rather forward all that loving inspiring stuff to your enemy.

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