Friday, August 05, 2011

It Is Always Something

Back in January of this year we had a wreck on Canton Highway in Marietta near the Kyrstal. A truck plowed into our rear end while we were waiting at a traffic light. It knocked us into the car in front of us. I think three insurance companies had a field day or whatever opposite of a joyful easy day is.
Our car was totaled and we bought a new Honda – or new to us, anyway.

This past Wednesday, in that same almost new Honda we drove into our credit union’s parking lot and got hit by a Cadillac backing up. We had plans to park in the marked space beside the Cadillac. As we drove by the Cadillac about to make our turn beside it we saw the backup lights on and before we could say it was about to back up onto us it did He backed right into the Honda’s door. BAM!

Anna said, “It is always something.”

The man jumped out of his Cadillac apologizing. He admitted he was in error. We swapped insurance information. And now it is left in the insurance companies’ hands.

The man left. He had errands to run. We did too. The first one was the credit union. When we went back out into the parking lot another car was parked where the caddy was parked. And you won’t believe this – that car backed up and another car was driving up behind it. We jumped out waving our arms and the drivers saw us and everybody halted. We prevented a dent!

A funny little continuation with the insurance company: A lady from the insurance company called me this afternoon and I gave the phone to Anna. She knows more about this than I do. Then, about 30 minutes later she called again and asked for Mrs. B. (it was the name of the guy that hit us). I said Mrs. B. didn’t live here. The insurance lady said she just talked to her at this number and in fact, I was the one that handed her the phone the last time. I said my name was Edwin Hunter and I gave the phone to my wife Mrs. Hunter. She more or less realized her error and said, “Oh.”



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