Thursday, August 18, 2011

That's My Daddy!

The other day I was looking through old Marietta pictures on Facebook when I came across a police raid on a moonshine still. It explains that the raid took place just off Cobb Parkway, near where Treasury Drug would be one day.

In the picture I noticed a tall looking man with a white shirt on. I clicked to make the picture bigger. I know that man. He’s my Daddy!

I remember where the raid was, some of those involved in the and … and…. well, it seems I don’t remember as much as I thought I did.

A young reporter, named Bill Kinney was there covering it for the Marietta Daily Jounral.. I read or heard he got tipsy over the fumes. Bill was courting his future wife, my 5th grade teacher, Miss Shouse.

I remember at the time it was the largest distillery raid of illegal non-tax made whiskey in Cobb County, and I’m not sure the record has been broken yet, and probably won’t now.

It wasn’t near what was would become Treasury Drug but on south down Cobb Parkway, or The 4-Lane, on the left either where Wal-Mart is now, near Windy Hill Road, or on up the hill, down the hill, and up the next hill, sort of behind the shopping center that has Olive Garden and Johnson Brothers Barbecue.

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Blogger jan barker said...

Eddie, you can certainly see the family resemblance!

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