Monday, August 08, 2011

Time Changes and Marches On

The over age 60 OMs who are looking at this picture : I’m sure after looking it over you will recognize such things as Roswell Street crossing the 4-Lane* and Miss Georgia, which will the site of the Big Chicken in the future, and across the street is Thrift City which will become K-Mart and now it is partially a Sears scratched appliance outlet. I saw Jayne Mansfield at Thrift City’s grand opening. Her daughter sneered at me.

If the picture was another inch wider you could see the patch of trees Leo Frank was hung at.

Apparently we are hovering above the old Sears building at 995 Roswell Street. The semi circle street next to the old Sears is Key street. Between Key Street and the 4 Lane is probably 4 Way Motors owned by a man named Porter and Coy Southern. Later, it became 4-Way Campers and moved on up the 4-Lane at the corner of White Circle, and now has a complicated ownership. Next to 4 Way Motors was a Jiffy Burger. The sign shaped like a chef’s head and hat is still there, but advertising something else.

Over to the right there is not a Sam’s, Walmart, or a string of franchised fast food eateries.

Time marches on.

*If you are a newcomer to Marietta or under 40 you will probably know the 4-Lane as Cobb Parkway.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Shafik Mansur said...

We have our Toastmaster Club Meetings where the Old Sears Building is in this picture...(it is now The Mansour relation to me by the way). I know this intersection quite well, so it is great to see it as it once was. Thanks for sharing!

12:11 AM  

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