Wednesday, August 03, 2011

This Day in History, August the 3rd

Comedian Lenny Bruce died this date, August 3, 1966, of a morphine overdose.

Lenny Bruce had a persistent back pain which he had prescribed pain medicine to help him get through it. I honestly don’t know if he ever used illegal drugs or not.

He was a stand-up comedian and arrested many times for his drugs and his indecent comedy routines. How indecent you ask? He made jokes about the Pope in Chicago, which the police force then was predominately Catholic. That is how indecent. He also poked fun of American idols and used four letter words freely on stage.

Some give him credit for giving freedom of speech to comedians and in the long run made sitcoms more realistically.

Some might even say Lenny died so other funny people can even be more funnier.

He gets the Pie-In-The Face Stand-Up Comedy Award, posthumously, of course. Or is that posthumorsly? get it? yuk yuk!

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