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I said it more than once, and maybe even pounded my fist into the wall or a table to emphasized my point that when you belong to a video-by-mail club such as NETFLIX or BLOCKBUSTER, to get your money’s worth you get to see some movies you wouldn’t normally see. You also see some strange; weird: and interesting movies.

WINTER BONES takes place in the Ozarks. Someplace near the beginning Missouri is mentioned as the state they are in and another time some mentions the Arkansas state line, which I think was near by.

Back, when things were “in black and white” moonshine was the locally produce commodity that helped people survive. Now, the same type of people is producing Meth. There are meth labs that are not actually seen but are driving force of what the movie is about.

It was directed by Debra Grinik. It was written by Debra Grinik and Anne Rosellini. The protagonist was Ree (played by Jennifer Lawrence), a 17 year old girl who was in search for her father. Her father had a reputation of being the best meth cook in the area. If was cooked by him, you knew it was quality dope.

Garrett Dillahunt was the only star I recognized, but that doesn’t mean anything. I think all the characters were played by professional actors. They did not sound like they were unenthused reading their lines, like many southern movie do when they hire from the neighborhood.

The movie has the same markings as ancient Greek plays, death and violence were not shown to the audience, only implied.

Ree wasn’t looking for him because she longed for her daddy. She was looking for him for survival. The rat put up their house, such as it was, as a bond guarantee, for his freedom until his trial date. He was no place to be found. Ree was the oldest of three children and ran the house. The mother was in a catatonic state throughout the movie. If her daddy didn’t show up then her and her siblings and mother would be homeless. She would just as happy to find his bones, then that would have excused his absence, thus no property forfeit.

Ree just about walked everyplace she went, through yards and down roads. It seemed in every yard there were shacks and junk cars and one yard even had an small old abandoned church in the yard. These are people portrayed as not putting on any airs, except with their vehicles.

Ree had balls. She spoke to people she was warned against and went places she was warned not to go. She was trying to save her family. But again, while she was relentlessly trying to save her family she took time off to visit an Army recruiter about joining the Army. She told him all her troubles trying to save their property, she was mostly interested in the enlistment bonus and how quickly she could get it, and he patiently and gently told her she could not take her family to boot camp or to a war zone. That was news to her. Well, nobody said she was real bright. She changed her mind about joining up.

I think it was a good realistically movie. As a bonus it was laced throughout out with bluegrass music.

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