Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Hummingbird Video

See the little hummingbird I caught in a video? I might brag about being an expert nature photographer and I had to climb through brush and wade through creeks and climb high up in a tree to get this picture, but the plaid of the screened window might give me away. Do you blame me being inside and photographing through a window? See that beak and how sharp it looks?

Sunday I cooked a Boston butt on the grill on the deck and spent some time out there. The little allusive hummingbird made a few appearances at the feeder we have dangling near. Then I got my camera and I sat with it on ready to press record as soon as it appeared again. I waited and waited and got tired of waiting and put it down. Then with the camera off two hummingbirds showed up and performed what looked to be an aerial ballet for my benefit. They did loops and figure 8s and all kinds of tricks. Actually, I think one was guarding the feeder from the other one, but it was a good show to me. I reached for my camera and they both flew off. Later one showed up and did some solo acts. I expected him to pull out a little mike and sing and tell a few one-line jokes and maybe do a tap-dance on the feeder. Again I reached for my camera and off it went.

Monday we were washing windows. The feeder is dangling from a gutter and in front of the window I was washing. A humming bird came and sat on the feeder and ate inches from me and didn’t notice me at all. Later that day, I pulled out the camera and tried it again, and Wal-la!



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