Saturday, August 06, 2011

An Evening at the Art Museum

On the first Friday of the months during the nice- weather season is the downtown Marietta Art Walk. Arts and crafts are displayed and participating businesses lure you in their stores.

Also it is the day the Marietta Art Museum admission is free. That is when we go. Yesterday was the first Friday which means it was a great time to patronize the art museum; to show them support, so to speak.

The first floor has two big rooms full of paintings, photographs, and a few sculptures. Here is a sampling:

The Civil War section was on the Mezzanine. It has art and artifacts. It will be on display untll September the 11th. Here is a random sampling of what they had. The fuzzy pictures don't blame the artist, blame me and my camera, mostly the camera (passing the buck).

CSA Sgt Pepper?

General Stonewall Jackson

Kennesaw Mountain

Then I saw a door that had stairs. I walked up the short stairs and went into the first room on the left. Apparently it is a board of executives meeting room. The room has some nice art pieces in it and also take note of the huge wall size blue print drawing of the building. It had a date of something like 1908. I thought it was dedicated in 1903.

As you leave you see Gov Roy Barnes law office (below). Now, if that an't Southern Folk-art (like the Big Chicken) I don't know what is.

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Anonymous Frank Zweegers said...

Great selection!

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