Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Brandi's Chili Fries Smothered & Covered and Recycling

Yesterday I was helping or hindering Richard, the man hooking up my mother-in-law’s new dryer. After the job was all completed I asked him to help me load the old dryer onto my truck to take it to the dump.

As he helped me he said more or less, “Why don’t you take it to Marietta Recycle Center and they’ll pay you, instead of you paying the dump.”

I asked where is the Marietta Recycle Center and he gave me verbal directions of how to get there by going down Bells Ferry Road, crossing Cobb Parkway, and taking a right at the second traffic light, next to a restaurant and he named the restaurant.

He finished giving me directions and said again they would pay me cash money for the dryer. I said then while I was in the area, I could go down the street and eat at Brandi’s World Famous Hotdogs. His eyes lit up. He said you can’t beat Brandi’s spicy chili dogs. I agreed. He said last week he and his son was in Brandi’s and his son had a “double dose” which about caused him to explode. We laughed about that and I asked him “what is a double dose?”

He said it is a chili dog and an order of chili fries. I said I never tried their chili fries and he said I have missed something.
I took the dryer to the Marietta Recycle Center and got $14 cash.

I went to Brandi’s, arriving not long after they opened. Brandi saw me and waved. She knows me. She took my order and I went home to try out a “double dose”. I don’t want to “miss something” as Richard said. The combination of a chili-slaw dog and an order of chili fries is very tasty. Yep, each item complemented the other.

As I was driving home I was thinking I don’t know of an eatery around except Brandi’s that remembers their customers as individuals and the customers remember them the same way. I think that partly has to do with the high rate of turnover in the eating business, they don’t stick around long enough to see repeat customers.

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