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This story is from CRACKED COLLECTOR’S EDTION. I think this probably was recycled in about 1981. It is illustrated by one of MAD Comic’s original four artists, John Severin. The story is a lampoon of the TV sitcom of the GHOST AND MRS. MUIR staring Hope Lange. The story line was that Hope Lang bought or rented a cottage near the ocean that is haunted by a dignified bearded ex-ship captain.

I remember in the early 1970s an old Navy friend Dick and his wife Nancy dropped by for a an overnight visit coming back from Florida. He is a professional announce and has a refined dignified voice. He also had a beard then. One of us said Dick reminded us an actor on THE GHOST AND MRS. MUIR and Dick, as witty as he was in the Navy, said, “Who? Hope Lange?”

If you keep up with daily you will might remember not long ago I mentioned that Johnny McCracken’s Restaurant in Marietta might be haunted. I went on to say that maybe Casper the Friendly Ghost might be the one haunting it. I gave him the name of Casper McCracken.

Strangely, for weeks Chicken-fat was visited hundreds of times more than usual for the next few weeks because of the mere mention of CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST.

Just because I mentioned CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST – can you believe that?

The reason I mention CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST here is because CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST is also in this illustrated story.

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