Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gobs of Chicken-Fat Galore! WHOOPIE!!!

All you Chicken-Fat fans, both of you, will enjoy this: Today a truck overturned in Marietta on Church Street Extension between the Canton Road Connector and Loudermilk Drive spilling chicken fat* all over the place, causing people to slip and slide. It has already caused two accidents and inspired one song by a young person who was born after “SLIPPING AND A SLILDING” was a hit song.

The people who made it for lunch at Brandy’s World Famous Hotdogs deserve to be applauded.

*Technically, it was non-toxic animal fat, but I’m sure there is chicken fat involved and I could use the publicity. Whenever something is slippery, chicken-fat is near, or had a hand in it (that is almost what a teacher told me one time).

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