Thursday, August 04, 2011

Marietta's West Part of the South Park Square

This is South Park Square. When this picture was taken several years ago you can see Eddie’s Trick Shop was occupying the space that used to be The Book Store, which sold very little books but specialized in office and school supplies. Australian Bakery** is now in that space and Eddie’s Trick Shop shifted one door to our left. The white marble* building on the right was the First National Bank of Marietta. Now, it holds one law office and one sub shop and a labyrinth or maze of halls and stairs that one has to go in and out and up and down to find the restroom.

In front of the buildings, is the west part of the South Park Square and that is where the cotton crops were bought and sold over 100 years ago.

*I could be wrong, but it looks like marble to me.

** The Austrailian Bakery did have live bluegrass jamming sessions on Tuesday nights. I think it is still going on but I am not positive, if you are interested call them.

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