Friday, August 26, 2011

Watch Your Step!

This is a streetcar, or trolley, in its time in Marietta. It looks to me that it is in front of the old streetcar terminal on Church Street, which is now a lawyers' office. The streetcar made daily trips to Atlanta and Smyrna.

In the picture there are at least six horse and buggies, or surreys. They are probably waiting to pick up certain people as they get off the streetcar. That reminds me in Marietta, back before I was a teenager, it was not unusual to see horses and wagons on the streets in town. It was not an everyday scene, but from time to time you did see horses.

Then, you jump back 60 or so years before that and you would have probably seen more horses pulling wagons and buggies than you would see automobiles.

What does that mean? Horse manure all over the place! Wear your galoshes!

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