Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Being High Again & Hi ANTICO!

Yesterday We went to the High Art Museum again. Today We went to see the works of two artists: Radcliffe Bailey: Memory as Medicine and John Marlin’s watercolors: A Medium for Modernism. Both were very good and very different from each other.

Radcliffe Bailey worked with paint and sculpture to bring out the his black heritage.

This scupture was there, except the head all these are piano keys. I lifted this off Google.

John Marlin was a well traveled and versed man who ran around with people like Georgia O’Keefe and her husband – something about their carefree lifestyle reminds me of the Great Gatsby that hardly noticed the people around them struggling for survival.

The above was there is named something like Sun and the Brooklyn Bridge. I lifted this also from Google.

In the visiting exhibits at the High Museum you are not allowed to take photos. The permanent exhibits you can, which I helped myself to. Here are some random samplings:

If you think there is one too many of me, then you will love the below art. Click on it and you will see hundreds of me. You will see the last thing a fly saw just before I swatted it.

There was an elderly dignified lady studying a painting by Nellie Mae Rowe. I couldn’t help myself. I walked up to her and said I went to visit Nellie Mae one time at her house in Vinnings. At first the lady looked perturbed that I jumped in her face but as she listened and she was amazed. I told her Nellie Mae lived in a shack by the railroad tracks in Vinnings, and a friend of mine, Sandy Hicks was ran over at that same RR crossing by Nellie's house. I told the lady she had little dolls and notes to God hanging in the trees in her yard and any other trash people threw from their cars she molded it into art and had it dangling all over in her yard. I told her Nellie Mae took me inside to show me her house. In it was a room that was a shrine to Martin Luther King. Another room was dedicated to Jesus, and framed pictures of John F. Kennedy were in just about every room. I told her Nellie Mae also has some dolls she made that was on display in a case, but I they are not there now. After I said all I could think of she looked at me very sincerely and thanked me for sharing that with her and said she had drove through Vinnings many times back in the early 70s and probably noticed that house and wished she had done as I did, dropped in pay a visit.

The below four folk-art pictures are by Nellie Mae Rowe:

And of course look out any window and see the magnificent Building Art by Atlanta:

After the High we went to ANTICO PIZZA on Hemphill, near Northside Drive. We had heard a lot of good things about ANTICO NOPOLENTANA Pizza, about how good it is. And it is good, it just about rolls off the crust as you lift it to take a bite. We read a lot of reviews about the restaurant and found out that it didn’t have much seating for dining in; they don’t sell alcoholic beverages but you are welcome to bring your own in, but you can’t bring your own soft drinks; the counter staff, order taker and cashier were always very rude…. which just wasn’t true; they were very nice and accommodating.

Remember we read it was very hard to get a seat during the lunch? We timed the arrival of our visit alightly after 2pm. There were several tables empty. By the way, the tables are long that several parties could sit at.

The place is very original, eccentric, and interesting. It also has good pizza. However, there are some non-francised pizza eateries within a short distance of our house that is just as good.

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Anonymous G said...

Eddie, thanks for showing all the art ... I loved it. Am going to click on again later.

While I've got your ear, have you heard anything about Fannette Crowder? I used to hear from her a lot (group mailings), but nothing lately.

Hope you and all the OM's are doing okay!

9:35 AM  

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