Saturday, October 16, 2010

Welcome to the Nut House - Book Sale

We went to the Cobb County Library Semi Annual book sale Friday. It was yesterday and will be today as well.

I don't think these are books the library purchased. I think they were donated; put in their return book boxes, and however else. Twice a year they have a huge of a sale they have to rent two big ware-house size buildings at Jim Miller Park. The books are priced to sell. I think the paperbacks are a quarter and the hardbounds are a dollar. They also had VHS tapes. The TWO VHS tapes tables were not very many people - a sign of changing times.

People of all walks of life were loading up on books. People had all kinds of devices to carry the more-than-armfull books they bought. I think we bought about 5 books each.

I remember one year they had a big section of comic books. I asked the lady in charge where was the comics and she said they had an overwhelming amount of comics and didn't have the man power to sort them out. She said the comics were be divided up and orderly at next sale.

Last year we went to the sale in the afternoon hours of the second day and it was just as crowded as it was yesterday during the first hours. I didn't know Cobb County had so many dedicated readers.

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