Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Waiting Room Story

In the waiting room across from me sat a slim man with Liberty overalls and a baseball hat. I figured he was older than me, and later I found out he was; by one year.

When I first focused in on the guy he was talking to a lady that might have been a nurse. I picked up on the conversation as he was saying:

A bunch of us were up in the mountains and we have never seen a waterfall. We asked at the filling stations and stores, for waterfalls, because, we told them, we never seen one.

Somebody told us how to get to a waterfall, not too many people knew about. You couldn’t get to it by car. You had to park and walk to it through the woods. I don’t think there was even a trail to it. We walked and we walked and finally we heard the roar of the waterfall and we came up on it. It was a beautiful two tier waterfall. We were all just admiring the waterfall when we heard a loud crack of lightening. It sounded like it hit close. We all ran through the woods back to the car. It just isn’t safe to be out in the woods during a lightening storm.

He apparently finished his story. He sat back to hear what she had to say.

She didn’t say anything. She might have been speechless. Why did he tell her that at that moment? I thought, and I think she did too.
She went back talking medical talk to him, for him to make his decision.



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