Sunday, October 10, 2010

Again, we went downtown Marietta to another festival. This one was a Grass Roots Music Festival. As a matter of fact, it was the 20th annual Marietta Grass Roots Music Festival. I don’t know why this is the first one we knew about.

About a month ago we noticed posters in windows of downtown stores announcing the Grass Roots Music Festival.

I don’t think any famous names or famous groups played. It was a six hour concert consisting of 9 or 10 groups or individuals that played or sang. We only stayed two hours or so, but were well entertained.

There was the bandstand and a gazebo. A large group would play on the large bandstand and when they were winding down on the smaller gazebo a small group, or an individual would be ready to start playing. It was like one platform’s ending was the other player(s) cue to start. Ideally I think that is the way it was suppose to go, but throw in cell phone and friends hanging around talking, I don’t think things moved that prompt.

Not only was there the music but other things were happening in the park. There was at least two couples married within an hour or so posing for photographers. And it looked like one engaged couple posing. One young teenager had on a pink crown and girls with pink beads would pose with her by the fountain, one at a time.

One large Latino family members were all formally dressed up. I thought it was a wedding, but it was their teenage daughter’s "Sweet 16" announcement, or so a lady standing close by ooing and ahhing. We asked her and she told us and added she thinks it is sweet and is going to do it when her daughter turns 16. She added she was Spanish too.

Different schools had mock monsters as art work all over the park and kids were running all over the place. Check the video. You will see!

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