Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red Head and Red Nose Genes.

In the comments section of the previous post my first cousin Johnnny Hunter said that he had two red-headed grandchildren.

I don't know if those are Hunter, Frasure, or Mlford genes but I see the possibility that they Hunter genes. We have a Hunter cousin Alice who is red-headed.

My mother's side of my family is full of red-heads.

That probably means I am packed with red-headed genes. Also Anna has some red-headed first cousins, so she probably is red-headed genes too. Which means, our two sons are likely to be packed with red-headed genes.

From my mother's side are also genes to have a red-nose which I have. My nose is as red as Rudolph's.

Down the line someplace in my descendant line is a child waiting to be born with red-hair and a red-nose.

He or she will look like a cross between Carrot Top and W.C. Fields.

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