Monday, October 18, 2010

Noonday Baptist Church 175th Birthday Party

I bet you are getting tired of my videos. I am on a roll now. My roll should fizzle out any day - just hold on and my mind will wander to something else.

Sunday was the celebration of Noonday Baptist Church's 175th birthday. Noonday Baptist Church is a north of Marietta and is special to us. Anna and her father grew up in the church and her mother has been a member for about 60 years.

Anna and I are part of the history. We were the last couple to get married in the old church before they expended.

I think the video segments are self- explanatory except me looking down at a crowd in the parking lot. They were arranging themselves in the shape of the numbers 175 The man high up in the cherry picker took their picture. I walked up the hill by the cemetery. The man high up in the cherry picker took a picture when more people came and organized themselves.



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