Friday, October 29, 2010

3rd Party Body Language Lie Detector

I have an idea of how to catch people in lies that will be more accurate than a lie detector machine.

When one is being questioned in a crime also place the person who is the suspected companion nearby.

Start with the usual lie detector questions, like “Is your name XXXXXX XXXXX, Jr.?” And so on.

Then after a few asking settled routine questions hit him with why he is there. “Did you rob the convenience store?” He or she may be smooth and have a believable response. It is not so much how the suspect responded but what kind of expression and body language is the companion doing? If the companion has a non-expression blank stare then the suspect did it.

I didn’t make this up. A friend of mine in Texas that I email communicate with regularly told me that her preacher is bad about attendance. They never know if he will show up or not for things at their church.

If he is a non show the female custodian fills in.

Not long ago he was late for his pulpit time on Sunday morning. She told me he said he had a flat tire. She expressed her doubts that he was telling the truth. She said when he told that story his wife and mother, there with him, did not change expressions, they looked straight ahead. They didn’t nod in agreement or anything, they just looked straight ahead.

What more proof do you need?



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