Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Food & Fight at GOB

Good Old Boys will be Boys from time to time. I think when we get together the youth in us come to the surface because we remind each other of when we knew each other as teenagers.

So, who can blame us for reverting back to our childhood and doing what boys do; like getting into fights?

Mostly, I think, we act like the gentlemen we are, but from time to time when someone gets too much in our face we might want to knock the aggressor silly, just like old times.

Last night we had a minor flare up. One Good Old Boy jumped in another Good old Boy’s face and heated words were exchanged. It just is not wise to get into someone’s face. You are in their aura, or personal space. It is just not a good idea. Someone might get hurt. Strangely, I don't think the jumper meant any harm, he was just being funny, trying to carry out a line in the movie TAXI: "You talking to me?" Which he has said many times before. The jumpee jumped back.

For a few moments I didn’t know if I should act like the adult and try to calm down both parties before they hurt each other or revert back to my youth too and push and shove one into the other or start clapping my hands saying, “Fight! Fight!”

Fortunately they wisely made up. One apologized and offered his hand and the other accepted his hand and apology. Good for both of them!
It takes balls to shake hands instead of fighting. I hate to see old gray headed farts over age 65 physically fight.

Not to mention I would appear totally cold if I yanked out my camera to record it all.

Of over 69 years of living I found out not to get in someone's face because you don't know what kind of day he/she has had and you might be the final straw. And also you might not like the smell of his breath.

Monty had an great interesting meal. He had corn dogs: dogs on a stick with a very tasteful batter that complemented the wieners and that was just the first course. The second course was meat pot pies, chicken and beef. He got the pies from Paul at Traveler’s Fare on Mill Street in downtown Marietta.

Click here for Paul's Traveler's Fare Website.

Then thirdly, we had homemade ice cream. The ice cream was delicious and soft too. I heard somebody croak: “This is giving me a headache – I ate it too fast!”

All we needed to top things off was a good fight.

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