Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hog Heaven

Some pigs recently sacraficed their lives for our enjoyment. There is just nothing like old fashion barbecue.

In the parking lot of White Water Recreation Park yesterday was the WHOLE HAWG HAPPENIN’ BBQ & MUSIC FEST.

I think there were at least five, maybe six, BBQ shacks or booths that represented larger restaurants in the area; there was a stage for bands to play, but during our two hour stay I don’t think we heard live music. I’m not complaining, just commenting.
There were also about thirty or so crafts and arts booths-tents.

And also a whole section was for big blow up rides for kids to bounce on, slide down, and whatever else. They all resemble castles, monsters caves, cliffs, and other high adventurous things that could have an air puncture any time. Thar she blows!

Four of the five barbecue shacks we have frequented their restaurants often.

Anna and I had bbq at Dave Poe’s booth. I had ribs. They were very tasty. Also they were not very plentiful. There were only two or three ribs, which I suppose is about right for lunch.

As I mentioned above, this was held in the White Water Amusement Park parking lot. Across North Cobb Parkway, aka, the 41, aka The 4-Lane, is Richard Street. I lived on Richard Street for about 7 or 8 years with my parents.

As an early teenager Gene Brown, Milton Martin, Don Lawson, and I would hang out in what would be White Water Amusement Park. Then it was a closed rock quarry in the middle of the woods. Sometimes we camped out there and other times we slept in the hut we built.

One night in my late teenage years my friend Larry Holcombe (1942-2000) was carrying me home from Varner’s. He had just bought a car, 55 black Chevrolet, from our friend Bobby. Back then very little traffic traveled on the 4-Lane late at night unless it was a big truck traveling intrastate. At the foot of the hill, in front of what would be the drive into White Water on the right, on the left was Richard Street. Larry slowed down to make a left-hand turned. His car went dead. We turned out the lights and started pushing, trying to get the black Chevvy off the road.

While we were pushing we heard a truck way up at the top of the hill. We tried pushing harder to get the car off the road. It was bearing down on us quickly. We quickly decided to quit pushing and get the hell out of the way of the soon-to- be flying debris.

Just as we jumped back I thought the tail lights. If the taillights were on the truck driver would see the car in time to pull dodge. It and avoid a disaster.

As you know, I’m not very bright. I jumped back into the car and put my foot on the brake pedal…. Just as the truck’s headlights were blasting in the back window.

The he swerved and I heard a horrible groan, screeching, and skidding noises. He rumbled by us and almost turned over but kept on going.

It wasn’t my turn. Butvery recently it was the turn of the star hogs at the festival. I thought of that near-death happening yesterday when thought of the all the hogs slaughtered because of our love for bbq. They died for a cause. Then I came up with the name for this post: HOG HEAVEN.

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