Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bits of the High Museum

At the High Museum in Atlanta if you bring your camera you are required to tell the High security personnel that you have it and then they will have you read what you can and cannot take pictures of and then have you sign that you understand what you just read. They give you a sticker to wear on your upper torso to prove you have camera permission.

Essentially on the paper you have to read you are told that you cannot take pictures of the visiting exhibits, such as the Dali exhibit, but it is OK to take pictures of the permanent exhibits, such as the Howard Finster exhibit. And you cannot use a flash.

Speaking of Howard Finster three of his works is on the video. It starts with an angel and ends with a bicycle with scripture written all over it. Howard Finster was a lay preacher who lived in north Georgia, just south of Chattanooga. There is a movie loosely about him: JUNEBUG.

Also on the video are a couple glimpses of a jazz band getting ready to play for the dining crowd. On the table you see the classic kind of Halloween mask. No Obama, Bush, or Spiderman masks were on any tables that I could see.

Generally, this video is just bits of the High Museum as we wandered around , and that is about it. Except a short ride on Peachtree after leaving the museum's parking deck.



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