Friday, October 15, 2010

Waiting Room Entertainment

Yesterday morning I was in the waiting room of an optician, everything went along subdue and dull for a while until this lady came in.

This lady told the receptionist she came to get her child’s prescription. She said somebody called her from this doctor’s office and told her that her child’s prescription would be in the child’s folder. The receptionist wanted to know the child’s name and she told her then she wanted to know the child’s birthday and she told her that. The child was in his mid 20s and had no record of being in the doctor’s office for several months.

To make a long story short somebody called her months ago about the prescription. It was a prescription for contact lens. The lady thought it just a week or two ago. They couldn’t find the prescription and wrote a new one.

When the receptionist and someone else were looking for the prescription the lady was nervously pacing back and forth in front of their counter. Then she decided to make a phone call…. You know, utilize her time, so to speak. When the party answered, which was woman, the lady made a mistake. She pressed a button that turned it into a speaker phone. The lady told the lady she made a mistake she had her on speaker phone and didn’t know how to turn it off…. But the lady on the other end was too busy talking other than listening. She (the lady on the other end) was hyped up because the authorities arrested someone for murder, she saw it all on TV and was who she thought it was. I’m not sure if she was referring to the news or a fictionalized thing on TV… either way, she was using the words FUCK, SHIT, and MOTHER-FUCKER as often as possible…. Over the speaker cell-phone in the waiting room.

Only four other people, besides the lady and I were in the waiting room. They were polite enough to pretend they didn’t hear the bad words. They had no expression at all. I wish I could say the same but I had to swallow a couple of smirks. I finally buried my face in a book to hide my contorted face and biting my lips.

Not long after she left I heard a very loud noise outside. It sounded like a huge rumble of a group of flying jet planes. I wondered if they were low flying missiles or a passenger plane commandeered by terrorists. Three of us ran out of the office and not so high up in the wild blue yonder were two or three airplanes doing jet-plane-tricks in the air. They flew so low the lady standing beside me said she could see it was the Blue Angels on the underside. I can only verify they were blue.. The Blue Agnes are schedule this weekend at Dobbins Air Force Base’s Air Show. I guess they came early to practice.

Where was my %#*#@ camera!!??!! I left it at home, that’s where!

We saw them a few other times not so high above Marietta during the day doing aerial tricks.

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Blogger El Postino said...

"Blue Agnes." Eddie, you are so creative with spellchecker.

5:36 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

LOL...Eddie, you're a treasure.

I can sympathize with the woman who got her phone on speaker and didn't know how to get it off. But if I were her, I'd have closed it quickly!!

5:37 AM  

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