Thursday, October 07, 2010

This Date in History, Oct 7, Battle of Kings Mountain

On this date, October 7, 1780, the American militia defeated the British near Kings Mountain, SC. That is what my on-this-date on-line said.

I thought Kings Mountain was in North Carolina. One time we went to Kings Mountain and it was plainly in North Carolina near the South Carolina border.

My great great great great grandfather William Trammell (1752 – 1843) and his brothers fought at the Battle of Kings Mountain. I saw a copy of the recruitment poster advertising for more able bodies. The poster said there will be plenty of chickens, cattle, and pigs to pillage from the local Torres.

William Trammell’s arm was sliced off during the Kings Mountain battle.

Now, here is an interesting tidbit of history: William Trammell’s great grandson was also named William Trammell* (1842-1928). He fought on Kennesaw Mountain in the Civil War. He was shot in the knee.

There were two William Trammells who were wounded while engaged in battle on a Mountain that started with the letter K, Kings and Kennesaw Mountains, and both lived to a ripe old age.

*Several years after the Civil War he changed his name to William Hunter, but at the time of the Kennesaw Mountain fight, his name was William Trammell.

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