Friday, October 08, 2010

Is He Always Like That?

Recently when I had a post on this blog about Eddie Goscha/Meek I forgot to mention his mother, Mrs. Goscha.

Mrs. Goscha worked at Marietta City Hall. She was behind a counter where she took utility payments for those people who did not like to pay by mail. Everybody in Marietta knew her.

One time on a Friday night I was waiting on the corner in front of Atherton Drug Store for my ride. A friend would picking me up and then we would go on to the Marietta High School football game.

I think, time-frame-wise it was before I was 16 years old before I had my drivers license.

Mrs. Goscha rode by with Eddie in the passenger seat. She slowed down and asked me did I want a ride to the stadium. I shook my head and was about to tell her someone was to to pick me up, but before I had finished my sentence she had pulled away, leaving my sentence in mid-air.

I thought she might be offended that I said no and didn’t hear my explanation why. I ran down to the next red night to tell them. I caught them and just as I was about to tell them the light changed to green they drove away to the next light.

Again, I chased them to the next light and this time told them my reason. Mrs. Goscha nodded her head and they drove away.

Later Eddie told me his mother asked, “Is he always like that?”

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