Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Visit to Marietta's Farmer Market Downtown

Yesterday morning we paid a visit to Marietta's Farmers' Market. We know the season will change soon and the Farmer's Market will close down and wait the cold months out then reopen.

But wait! We haven't been yet! So, we went, to see what it was all about.

Just around the corner of the Farmer's Market in front of the Cobb County Government buildings were what looked to be hundreds of motorcycles and along with the motorcycles were hundreds of bikers. They all try to project the Hell's Angels image but really they are more like Heavenly Angles, they were about to participate in a ride to raise money for the Special Olympics. Good for them.

The Farmer's Market were three, maybe four rows of booths. People were selling all kinds of produce, locally produced honey, fresh eggs, baked breads, jellies, and a lot of other stuff. I bought a jar of homemade Jalapeno /Mango jelly named Jalopy Jelly

I don't know much about produce prices but I heard before that the produce prices at Farmer's Markets are generally higher than at grocery stores, but they are much better quality and mostly organically grown.

Many of the booths had free samples of edible-type stuff they made. That is why I bought the Jalopy Jelly, she had many samples laid out on display and kept trying to get me to try each one, which I was gladly obliging her. I told her even if I bought a jar I was probably eating her profit away, she did the hand-shoo and said, "Aawww, I don't care!" After I picked out the jelly and when she told me the price I was about to pay I realized she didn't lose any money on me.

One little man had a booth of something edible home made nobody was stopping by. He looked intimidated and shy shouting out "Free Samples!" He looked too awkward to shout out anything. Thus, he looked depressed because he wasn't getting any come-ons. Running booths are not for Introverts. He needed a dancing monkey or something to draw the crowd - but then again, with his luck the dancing monkey would probably jump on the counter and eat his samples and throw what is left over at passing people.

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