Sunday, April 25, 2010

Varner's 2nd Reunion

Despite the bad weather, as you can see in the video the turnout, I think, was good. I know of two people that did not come because of the weather. Maybe that was God's way of preventing us from smothering each other to death.

The lunch line, controlled by the organizer, Monty Calhoun, was very nice and orderly. And the food, also controlled by Monty was very good, much like what you would have had at Varner's over 50 years ago.

A reporter from The Marietta Daily Journall came and took notes. To read his story click here.

I only took a few still pictures. Wait! I have a great excuse: I spilled beer on my digital camera at the 1960 Marietta High School Reunion last week, so it is a bit sluggish. In time, I hope that the dried up beer just flakes away.

Another thing, which is sort of a touchy subject, but it is as plain as our lily white skins. Back then in Marietta we lived in a segregated society. On my blog, if you go back and look at the high school pictures or pictures of the school reunion you will see very few black people. The one black person in the school year books was a musician that played at the Teenage Canteen (TAC). And the only blacks at the two Varner Reunions are Freddy and his lovely wife. Freddy is a honor guest. He was the carhop at Varner's*. I think integration of the schools in Georgia came about 1966.

*In fact, Freddie, in his 70s, is still a carhopping at Varsity, Jr. in Atlanta. He also still works at Lockheed.

Another thing, unlike some of my videos, you will hear a lot of chatter. Well, we chattered a lot, just like monkeys high up in the trees, and we still do.

Here are my few pictures and the video.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can't remember the last name of the other carhop, Scott, who worked the curb with Freddie Williams. I worked with Freddie at Lockheed briefly while I was an apprentice in the early 60's. It was later that I worked with them both at nights and weekends at Varner's.


12:07 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I asked Freddy about the other carhop and told me his name. You are right, it was Mike... I can't remember the last name either. I think he and Freddy are related.

12:19 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Paul Roper informed me that the other carhop's last name was Scott. Paul Scott.
I used to know a Paul Scott in the Navy. He was in a different unit but he seemed to show up at lunch every day and almost every day at the E.M. Club Happy Hour. He was very quiet and observant. One time I even ran into him in NYC's Greenwich Village.

5:46 PM  

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