Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Dora Hunter Spiva Memory Technique

Cousin Dora, age 103, and me on the right, June 1, 2008


Just three days from now will be phase one of our high school class reunion.

It will be special to me. . This will be my first class reunion. Am I a social butterfly or what?

My late distant cousin Dora Hunter Spiva (10 Feb 1905 - 24 Feb 2009) was a school teacher in Blairsville for many years. She went to all high school reunions of Union County. She remembered everybody and called them by name or nickname, or so it appeared.

She lived to be one hundred and four years. That was what was so remarkable, being age 104, or maybe 102, or anything 60 and over just waltz in a reunion and called her former students by name.

At the Hunter Reunions I attended in Blairsville I always talked to Dora, she was sharp, witty, and bubbling with personality. And by her conversation to me made me think she remembered me…. or did she?

The day before each high school reunion she would have pulled out the year book that had the pictures of the class that was having the reunion and study over and over the pictures and study her own notes, and recent pictures of the same people. I’m sure they were filed under some type of indexing system. But even though she fooled people with her memory abilities, she was foxy enough to pull off such a thing… which I think was still remarkable for her age.

Dora died at age 104, about eight months after the above picture was taken.

Now, I have my 1960 Olympian pulled out, blew the dust off and I am studying each picture and trying to relate it to the name. I am trying to apply the Dora Hunter Spiva technique. I am surprised at myself for not remembering many names. So, all I have to do is remember all the names with the matching picture and lose about 50 pounds before Friday.

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Anonymous G said...

Amazing lady! I hope somebody sent her picture in for the Smuckers segment!

Eddie, you and Paul are indeed a couple of butterflies this month with TWO big "socials" coming up ... MHS and Varners.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

I don't know if Dora made Willard Scott's Smucker plug or not. Just a year before she died was the first time she needed a walker. At the last Hunter reunion before she died one niece of her brought fourth her three grandchildren for Dora to see and see exclaimed, "Mary those are the ugliest children I ever saw, they look like you!" She had a great wit and knew at her age she could get away with saying anything she wanted.
Technically, Paul and I will probably attend 5 social functions in just about an 11 day period - that would be 2 GOBAGS, 2 MHS Reunion shindigs and one Varner's. We will be socialized we won't be able to stand ourselves.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous G said...

Sounds like so much fun ... wish I were there!

By the way, I recognized 15 out of the 36 players (football team). I hadn't thought about Don Earwood in years. Do you know if he's still around ... in marietta?

4:30 PM  
Blogger kenju said...

Good luck with the weight, and if you do it - please tell me how....lol

I know you will enjoy the heck out of your reunion.

4:48 PM  

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