Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do You Mean Maria Callas?

The Marietta High School 1960 Class’s 50th Reunion, phase 2, on Saturday night, at the Allatoona Yacht Club was held mostly in two rooms. One room was a big ballroom size room where most of the people were congregating. The second room was smaller, with a bar. It was a lounge size room with a piano.

I wandered into the lounge size room looking for a photo opportunity and saw and heard Willie playing the piano and Brad singing. Both were good. The people in the room were mostly the intellectual-set of our class.
The other room was full of the jocks, class clowns, and drama queens.
A lady said something to the effect, “Brad, I didn’t know you could sing.”
Brad said something to the effect, “We were in the choir together and you didn’t know I can sing?”

And she said something to the effect, “You didn’t know I could sing either.”

Brad said, “I thought it was Maria Callas.” And people broke out laughing.

That was my cue – I broke out laughing too (in my mind I said, “Who the heck is Maria Callis?”)

Later that same night, back home in front of the computer I did a Google search on “Maria Callis.” Google asked, “Do you mean Maria Callas?

I learned that Maria Callas (1923-1977) was an American (NYC) born Greek Soprano opera singer. She was considered one of the best opera singers of the 20th Century.

I don’t know that this happened, but something similar could have: One of the intellectuals wandered from the lounge room into the ballroom and overheard somebody say something that must have been witty because everybody laughed. And later that night when he Googled searched he was asked did he mean “Patsy Cline?”

As Willie said after leaving the podium that same night, “Some things never change”.

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