Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Only a handful of us showed up for the GOBAG meeting yesterday. I guess it was just too pretty of a day. People felt they needed to go out and see something or work in the yard or something. That is my excuse for my low blog attendance, anyway. It wasn’t even a GOBAG meeting. It was just a GOB meetings.

We did what we do best; Shoot the shit under the trees with a breeze gently flowing by and eat. Every week it is an enjoyable experience. We had hotdogs and delicious homemade peach ice cream, made with Monty's Anna's fresh country eggs. Correct that, I mean fresh urban eggs.

One friend was quickly lapping up his melting ice cream told me he cannot eat homemade melting ice cream fast because it gives him a headache. At the time I couldn't respond because I was trying to shake off my headache or brain freeze... I think it won.

One old friend, Larry Sparks, came. It first time I think. I used to deliver Larry's parents' newspaper on Jackson Circle. They lived at the end of the street.

Of course, the annual biggie is just around the corner on April the 24th. That will be the day of the Varner’s Drive-In Reunion. That will be the day old friends will embrace and old enemies politely ignore each other. Y’all come.

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