Thursday, April 08, 2010

Flip Flipping


Wait! I mean Flip a Burger.

It seems the word Flip is being used more often in our culture these days.
In my preteen years in the summer months we kids always had a flip. A flip is a fork of a small limb with two strong strips of rubber, each attached to a part of a upper branch of the Y of the wood fork and meet at a leather pouch, where they are firmly attached. You put your ammo, in the little pouch such as a little rock, marble, or something else. We have even used mini-balls.

We also used the word Flip to say we propelled a booger… a little rolled up ball of mucus.

In the late 40s and early 50s TV viewing became a prevalent past time we would “flip” the channels around, which then there were only 3 to pick from.

And this past Christmas I received a Flip camcorder as a gift. It is small and handy. I have enjoyed really enjoyed it…it was a new Flip in my life.

And then yesterday a new Flip entered our lives. We were in Atlanta and saw the building that said it was FLIP HAMBURGERS. Well, that is another word for flip, flipping burgers on the grill.

The building looked vacant at first glance. We heard a lot about Flip Burgers and even heard they were the best burgers in Atlanta. We decided to try them out. When we entered we entered a very streamline looking room that seemed void of any human feelings. The interior was straight lines, straight counters and uncomfortable seats. It was apparent this was no Burger King.

The hostess sat us at a high table, which the chairs were too high. Never know, at our age, when might just topple over. We asked to be moved to a booth and our request was politely declined; something about rules said you had to have at least four to a booth. Instead the waitress took us outside to the patio. Which was very nice and outsidesy. However, the seats had a special design that with the least bit of movement you are rocking.
On the menu they had all kinds of burgers and toppings. Some beef, turkey burgers, spicy sausage pork burgers, crab burgers, venison, tuna, mushroom patties, and more.

I had the spicy sausage with a special sauce. An easy sunny-side-up fried egg came on top. I was slightly disappointed that it was not all that spicy and the yoke of the fried egg ran all over the place – and later I noticed I had yellow yoke fingernails that I earned while holding the burger with both hands eating it.

We shared a strange chocolate drink. We told the waitress we wanted to share it and she was nice enough to put it in two different containers. It may have been a chocolate milkshake with flamed or little burnt marshmallows on top. I think it would have been more interesting if she served the drinks while the marshmallows were still flaming.

The menu said the onion rings were cooked in vodka batter. I’m glad they pointed that out, otherwise, we would not have known.

Some things on the menu kind of suggested they are doing their GREEN part to make this world more of livable place.

I felt most of the menu items were sort of pretentious. What is wrong with an old fashion hamburger with a slice of tomato, onion, some lettuce, and ketchup ? Well, they have that too. It is simply called the Flip and I think it was the cheapest burger on the menu. I could have had something like that, but “when in Rome…”.

Flip is also a word saying a person is instantly going crazy such as “Flip-out”… or maybe your boss got so mad he flipped out

From the going crazy flipped FLIP magazine was inspired, or so they wanted you to think. Actually, I think it was just a MAD-copy-cat kind of thing. It was just not up to par to MAD.

Oh! I almost forgot, there was a TV star named Flipper.

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Blogger El Postino said...

Where I live "flip" is sometimes used for a naughtier 4-letter word that also begins with "f". As in, "my flippin' boss," or "that guy is flippin' nuts." No one ever says, "motherflipper", so it has its limits.

Keep on flippin'!

4:29 AM  
Blogger The Ban Phai Farang said...

Flip is also used by some, in a derogatory manner, to describe people of the Philippines.

5:42 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

So Holden Caldfield would not offended if the saw the word FLIP scrawled on the wall of his younger sister's school?

Like Flips Keep Off the Grass? Or we don't serve Flips?

7:43 AM  

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