Friday, April 09, 2010

1957 OLYMPIAN - T.A.C.

The Teenage Canteen; or the TAC was our dream in grammar school to hang out and play pool. It was in the same office as the city offices, up a long flight of stairs. Under the TAC on one end was where you pay your utility bills and the other end of the building was Fire Station #1. As I said, before we were teenagers we wanted so much to hang out there and play pool. The matron could see what we were up to and chased us off every time. After we became teenagers and were in high school the novelty to hang out at the TAC was no longer unique. I think most of the thrill was in being chased out.

In this the bottom picture are two items of interest. The future mayor of Marietta, Bill Dunaway is playing pool. And, speaking of Bill Dunaway, he father owned Dunaway Drug Stores. Also in the same group is Carol Jones. Her fathers owned Jones Drug Store. And Bill was in the same organization. Their fathers were competitors. Peace in Harmony.



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