Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The GOBAG Over The Hill Gang

A reminder: GOBAG is an acronym for Good Old Boys And Girls. At yesterday's get-together no girls came. Does that mean we were just GOB?

Monty, with Rupert's assistance, cooked excellent pizzas on the grill. Monty even threw his rolled dough up in the air and caught it just like in those fancy Italian restaurants and on 42nd Street.* Every week Monty keeps these delicious meals coming over and over.

And I like to take pictures of the GOBAG enjoying themselves. I have a fear of missing somebody and with my weak memory gland that is easy to do, although I take pictures over there to assure that I don't.... but I always miss someone, over and over.

And some of us want to hug each other over and over.

*What if the pizza dough did not return from its flight? There are limbs hanging over us and sometimes a hawk.

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