Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Paul Krassner!

Paul Krassner was born this date, April 9, 1932.

Paul is/was editor of The Realist magazine. The reason I say “is/was” because it is an on again/off again magazine. One time it went ten or so years without being published, then came out as a newsletter for a few issues. I think it is in its twentieth or so year of not-publishing state now. But I expect it to show back up again.

THE REALIST, when it was published regularly back in the 60s, was an one-man magazine. Paul did it all. He knew how to bring out the ironies in life and whoever were the leaders were at the time got the blunt of his satire.

THE REALIST gave many upcoming underground cartoonists their career boosts by publishing their cartoons. In other words, Krassner didn’t pay much. Below is a picture he had MAD artist Wallace Wood do for him THE REALIST.

He also was a MAD magazine contributor, PLAYBOY magazine interviewer, book writer, and standup comedian. I think he still does stand-ups on the west coast. He has some great books observing society out too.

I have been keeping up with his works since my Navy friend Dick Day introduced me to The REALIST in 1963 or 64 and in his mind I don’t think he has aged a day since then, just like Peter Pan.

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