Tuesday, April 20, 2010

GOBAG pre Varner Dinner

GOBAG Cuisine. Chief Chef Monty Calhoun prepared barbecue chicken quarters with coleslaw and potato salad. I got to be first in line. It was good! Speaking of quarters, who has been putting quarters into the "kitty" instead of green bills?

On occasions we have had local elected officials visit us. Sometimes you wonder if they are sniffing out the barbecue aroma in the air or the votes. Today we were visited by councilperson Grif Chalfant. I enjoyed talking to him because some of his friends are my relatives and he also listened to what I said and even agreed with me on some things. He is a likable person.

About ten or so people came this evening. The crowd wasn't all that big.

Above: Terry Townsend is thinking about something and Mark McGee came all the way from the Far East and has to return soon. We don't see him very often.

This is our last get together before the Varner Reunion the Saturday, the 24th, at the Horace Orr American Legion, on Gresham Avenue, from four to midnight. We will see you there, or we won't. Do you know with Voodoo magic you can cast distant spells and curses on people? I don't believe in that nonsense. You shouldn't either.... of course, you won't be turned into a frog just because you didn't show up for the VARNER'S REUNION.

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