Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party Loyalty? B.S.!!

I just might vote for Ray Boyd.

The Georgia Republican Party has denied Ray Boyd’s attempt to run for governor after the political newcomer refused Monday to sign their loyalty oath. – AJC Online.

I don’t vote for the party, but for the individual. I think I feel a little freer than if I restricted myself to a certain party. And I think I would feel better if whoever voted for was not going to let his/her party loyalty effect their decision.
Republicans and Democrats, more times than not, will stand behind their party, even when it is wrong.

I have seen party members stand behind their co-party-member when the person got caught abusing his/her authority or was on the take. And then, turn around and demand an impeachment of someone from the other party that did something only half as bad. That shows the unfairness and two-face of politicians.

Shouldn’t there be a Constituent Loyalty Oath or a State or National Loyalty Oath instead?

Now, after I said all that condemning party loyalty, I would also like to say it would be a serious freedom choking problem if we had a one-party system, like Russia had. You need two parties for each to keep the other one from abusing it’s power.

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