Thursday, April 29, 2010

Me the Interviewer

Above is me just outside the doors of the High Museum in Atlanta interviewing a Chinese Terracotta soldier of China who was a body guard of the first Chinese emperor in 200 BC or so. He took his job very seriously . He kept his mouth shut and didn’t reveal any of the dynasty family’s secrets.

I am thinking about doing some more interviews with my little Flip camcorder for Chicken-Fat.

Hopefully, I will learn from my mistakes. Honestly, the Brandi interview caught me off guard. I was expecting to be videoed with Brandi … it is hard to be in the scene and think of something meaningfully to ask at the same time, it is sort of like chewing gum and walking at the same time, I’m sure many of my viewers can relate to that.

I think I need to be prepared when I do an interview. Like, have a prop. If they wrote a book, have the book in front of me to warm that person up

And to have reference notes with facts on the palm of my hand. Which means of course that I can’t wash my hands until after the interview.

So, what if I have an urge to go to the bathroom just before the interview? And then I will have to wash my hands…. Well, maybe then, I will let the hands washing rule slide. Then I will come out of the bathroom and shake hands with my interviewee and get down to business.

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