Monday, August 25, 2008

Sister's Birthday Party Group Picture

I wonder what story is behind the scenes here.

It is my sister’s birthday party in the Clay Homes, which I estimate to be about 1946. She is on the far right of the first row. In the middle of the first row in the plaid shirt or dress is her friend Helen. Behind Helen on the second row is Helen’s sister Jean – their grandfather Pete owned the corner neighborhood store.

The 3rd row on the far right is our first cousin Jimmy, who died in 2001. The boy with dark hair on the far left of the same row I think is my cousin Bobby who is Jimmy’s older brother. Bobby and his wife Evelyn stay on the road in their camper a lot I think.

The boy in the middle I think is named Billy. If I am not mistaken he moved to either Gramling Street or West Dixie Avenue in Marietta. Once we visited after he moved and in his back yard was a merry-go-round. The playground type of merry-go-round that you pushed around manually… I was deeply impressed anyway, I wanted one.

I don’t recognize any one else in the picture.

I am missing from the picture. My parents probably wisely kept me away. I was only about 4 or 5 years old and could be disruptive when I wanted to.

I am curious about the two girls that lived two doors down. They are not in the picture. They always seemed to around, but not at this party. Hmmm.

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Blogger kenju said...

That reminds me of a similar photo I have of a cousin's birthday party. I wasn't invited either (too young).

12:11 PM  

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