Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Old Mill in Acworth, Georgia, Revisited

It is funny, I noticed on my counter that someone today looked at my blog post of the next to the last time we visited The Old Mill of Acworth, which was our 39th anniversary in 2006. If they just held on, just be a little patient, they could have got a more updated version.

We returned there today for their brunch. “We” were ten people, mostly related.

They had a room with different tables for different types of food. One table had boiled shrimp on ice with different types of sauces, another table had bacon, sausage, grits, grit balls like things, and other related items. They had other tables and a carving table where the carver was carving medium rare beef. One table had southern fried chicken. They also had a dessert table and

They had one table that I think was set up to have a big container of big cathead size biscuits and a big container of gravy. When I went through they had the gravy but not the biscuits.

Later, while eating I saw several people who just returned with big biscuits and gravy. I went back for the biscuits and there they were – but the gravy bowl was empty.

I kept my eye on that bowl off and on and I think it stayed empty. When I first discovered it empty there were only 30 minutes left of the Brunch time – so, it may have been not worth the effort.

In the main dining area was a breakfast station where a chef cooked to order eggs, and omelets, He also would make you a very thick Belgium waffle covered with fresh fruit., which I wanted, but decided that would have to be on another visit, I was too full.

The food we thought was very good. There were ten people in our little group and all ten I think said they thought the food was very good – and the brunch price was not that outrageous.

I think the only criticism I have is food warnings. Friday night we ate Chinese. I ordered some kind of spicy chicken and the server warned me that it had peanuts in it. Some people are allergic to peanuts. One of the Old Mill’s casseroles had crab in it. I think that should have had a warning or contents little sign in front of it. My son is allergic to shell fish, and we didn’t know it contained anything like that until he had eaten a good portion of the stuff.

But all in all, it was a good place to eat. It Is not something your heart, stomach, or wallet could take everyday without feeling a pinch, but every now and then it is a great place.

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