Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Lights for Al Hibbler

On the radio the other day was a song by Al Hibbler. Anna said, “Who is Al Hibbler?”

Al Hibbler (1915 – 2001) was a mellow singing back in the 50s. Al was black and a crooner. He had a smooth voice. He sung romantic songs, of course. He was born blind in Mississippi.

My older sister had an Al Hibbler album. She also had some Perry Como records. She enjoyed crooning music.

The name of her Al Hibbler album was “After The Lights Go Down Low”… and there was a song on the album by the same name, “Ahen the Light Go Down Low.” I remember the song and some of the words… or one sentence of them anyway:

Baby after the lights go down low…
Baby you will know,
After the lights go down low…

And that is about all I remember of it, which may or may not be word for word, but close.

Remember, Al Hibbler was blind. So, I doubt if he would know when the lights go down low. Maybe the song lyrics should be:

Baby After the lights go down low,
Please let me know,
Oh Baby After the lights go down low
We will get Loco
With our MoJo

check out the original song at YouTube:

Which brings up another interesting point. You Tube said Al put out the song in 1956. I remember listening to that song in the house we lived in that we moved from in 1955. What gives?

Also on Google I found the same album cover my sister owned. You males want to click to enlarge for the details. Remember she bought this in the 50s. Visually, it was ahead of its time.



Blogger kenju said...

I remember Al and that song. He had a very smooth voice.

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