Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bow-Wow! Is That So?

(you will probably have to click on each strip to be able to read the words)

The above strips are part of a lampoon story in TRUMP magazine in the 50s, which later was reprinted in HUMBUG magazine, illustrated by Jack Davis.

We at times have a hard time communicating with dogs. We have a hard time. The dogs don’t. They know exactly what we are up to. We just don’t understand them or what they are trying to tell us. Sometimes I think they know us better than we know ourselves by reading our body language.

Willow sometimes has to just about stand on her head, or run around in circles with her hind legs crossed for us to figure out she has to go out for a couple of minutes.

This is a true dog story:

Our neighbor’s daughter that lives in Virginia came down to visit for a couple of weeks. As always, she dropped by to visit us. She and Willow hit it off. Willow seems to always be spellbound by female humans. When Anna comes home from work every evening she dances and tries and tries to jump up on her. And she does the same with a lady that walks her little dog that we sometimes see in the morning. She won’t be still until her target woman talks to her and pets her.

The neighbor’s daughter asked if she could take her on a run every morning she was here and we said sure.

The next morning she came and she and Willow went off for a 30 minute run. Willow came back happy as a lark.

The next day, the daughter her mother left early in the morning to go to north Georgia to visit relatives. About the same time of the morning that she came the day before, Willow got restless and whined.

I think she thought she had a standing date. I think she knew by our body language what was discussed and she was ready.

The next day the daughter came by and picked her up at about the same time and off they ran again.

Girls morning out!

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