Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rock n Roll Concert and Porto-Johns

These pictures were taken behind the stage on North Park Square, not in front in Glover Park

We went to the concert on the Square at Glover Park in downtown Marietta yesterday evening.

It was a rock and roll band. Although the band had a good beat, the band’s music smothered out the singer’s voice most the time. I think the two should complement each other.

It is enjoyable to watch old people to stand up from where they were sitting and bounce with the rhythm. A lot of people were doing that last night, mostly middle age and elderly women… to show they still had the beat. And it was engrained in their bones.

I don’t recall seeing young people bounce to the beat like the older ones do. I think the older ones’ minds were in a developing stage when rock and roll music was in a developing stage too – they grew together and it is more part of them.

I with to my old friend Monty’s table and got my monthly beer. He told me a couple of eye-brow raisers plus he said he and Arnold G. are planning a Varner’s Drive-In Appreciation Day. Varner’s was a drive in that was a teenage hang-out for Marietta teenagers…. I told many blog postings about our fast times at Varner’s. (remember, you first heard it here).

While Anna and I were sitting near the fountain in our spot an old high school friend James walked by and said, “Hi! Rock and Mrs. Rock!” James has been in the papers lately. He is over the cemetery committee of the church he and his family has belonged to for generations. The highway people want to widen the road, which would take some graves. He and the planners worked out a compromising solution that no graves would be taken. As a witty ending punch line he said, “If they got any closer I was going to have give my daddy a set of blinkers (for his grave).”

We sat near another old class mate Evelyn Carol. In high school I don’t remember speaking to her once. But, in the past couple of years I have ran into her more than once and we have politely spoken to each other. I think her parents owned a service station and tire company across form my uncle Herbert Hunter’s barber shop. I also remember her mother always drove a hog type of automobile, maybe a Cadillac. *

I one point I had to urinate in the worse way. I went to the portable Johns, about 6 or 8 lined up and people standing in line waiting. Next to me was a young lady, who I think was unaccompanied, twisting and bopping to the music in the air... I wondered did she really feel like moving with the music or she just had to pee as much as I did.

I noticed some of the johns had a man symbol and some of the johns had the female symbol (wearing a dress). Since not many women wear dresses these days I was thought maybe a more easily understood symbol would be a person squatting. I was also wondering if all rules were thrown out the window as far as male and female going to the right symbol, as it should be, or was I going to have to wait until a male came out of a male symbol john. Then, a woman stepped out of male symbol john and my question was answered. When it was my time I stepped into a female symbol outhouse.

On the stage one man was mostly singing who tried to combined the body movements of Prince (formerly) and Chuck Berry. He sung good when the band music wasn’t drowning him out, so I guess he had to make it up in body movements.

After him a female singer came on. A light went off! I remembered her signing with a band several years ago on that same stage, but I think with a different band. I told Anna that and she agreed, it was her. Then, I told Anna not only that, but remember, we first saw her the time before her first singing at a concert where her and her boyfriend or husband watched, in a quiet reserved manner. I was on a roll! (as in rock ‘n roll).

*but it is possible, but unlikely, I have her confused with someone else.

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